A biography of el greko

El greco's life is fascinating he was born in crete, moved to venice where he may have trained with tintoretto, then to rome where he stayed. View el greco biographical information, artworks upcoming at auction, and sale prices from our price archives. El greco (1541-1614): a review of his life and art the royal monastery of el escorial in spain,. El greco [greek-born spanish mannerist painter, 1541-1614] guide to pictures of works by el greco in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.

El greco was born in crete, and was trained as an icon painter the non- naturalistic basis of his work showcased the talent that would follow, in the many pieces. El greco (ĕl grĕk´ō), c1541–1614, greek painter in spain, b candia (iráklion), crete his real name was domenicos theotocopoulos, of which several italian. El greco was born domenikos theotokopoulos in 1541 on the greek island of crete, which had been under venetian rule since 1212 one of the few surviving .

This makes the life and works of el greco somewhat complicated and his place in spanish art history less than straightforward nonetheless, he appears time. El greco, byname of doménikos theotokópoulos, (born 1541, candia [iráklion], crete—died april 7, 1614, toledo, spain), master of spanish painting, whose. Not even an autobiography where he purports to tell the truth, the whole truth and el greco is sort of a special hero, especially since he was born in crete. El greco (1541 – 1614) was born domenikos theotokopoulos in crete he began his career as a painter of icons for byzantine churches.

The convent thus illustrates much about el greco's life and career: his ties to toledo, his lawsuits with his clients and the dissemination of his. A quest for a new approach to painting found el greco's unprecedented manner of (1908 was the year when cossio's biography, the foundation of all modern. Domenicos theotocopoulos or el greco was born in chandax (heraklion) in 1541 it was a time in which the influence of the european renaissance created an.

A biography of el greko

El greco's works established him as a master of the spanish renaissance and a vastly influential artist learn more at biographycom. Born in 1541, the crete-born painter known as el greco became associated with the spanish renaissance and was famous for his painting, sculpture and even. El greco: life and work - a new history [fernando marias] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers an authoritative account of the life and work of.

El greco (domenikos theotokopoulos), adoration of the shepherds, ca 1612 - 1614, oil on canvas, 126 x 71 in (319 x 180 cm), (museo nacional del prado,. 1541–1614), known as el greco, was born on the greek island of crete, but he is most renowned for his long career in spain el greco began. This entry was posted in art, art history, el greco, great artists, mannerism, michelangelo, spain and tagged art, el greco, michelangelo,. The annotated sample of the lives by el greco (now kept at the national library of spain) has a particular collecting history, for which reference.

The crete-born and spain-residing artist and architect doménikos theotokópoulos (1541-1614), known by his nickname 'el greco,' was. It featured seven works by el greco, one of which was pentecost each painting depicted an episode in the life of jesus, with scenes such as the annunciation,. The library of the painter el greco and its influence upon his art (1541 – 1614) (doménikos theotokópoulos) was born in crete when he. El greco was born on the island of crete, off the coast of greece little is known about his childhood, but he apparently studied painting from an early age.

a biography of el greko C) because he hung around the main artist's café in toledo, which was called the  el greco d) because his real name, giuseppe giovanni luciano greco, was.
A biography of el greko
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